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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

It was time again for our AUTILLUS round table. Three to four times a year we AUTILLUS members from the Canton of Berne have a fun meeting somewhere. 
Martine Barrelet, Monika Lanz, me, Peter Kummer, Monika Widmer
On Pentecost Monday, it was at a trattoria in Aarberg. Unfortunately, the weather was too cool to sit by the medieval parking space (sorry) marketplace. But the conservatory was also lovely.

Monika Lanz, Peter Kummer and I were first. Later, Martine Barrelet joined us, and for coffee, even the busy Karin Widmer flurried in. This time, we chatted about upcoming book launches and the difficulty to combine job, vocation and household chores.

On Friday, after work, I briefly stopped at Esther Leist's book launch and art opening in Nidau. 91 years old and as productive as ever sure makes you go green with envy! 

Esther presented her newest work "Mögen Sie Popcorn?" (Do you like popcorn?). After that, an art show with 120 original pictures from books made between 2014 and 2017 opened. 
The artist and her work
Isn't she unbelievable?


Was sonst los war...

Es war wieder soweit: AUTILLUS Stammtisch. Drei bis vier Mal pro Jahr treffen wir Berner AUTILLÜSSLER uns zu einem lockeren Zusammensein irgendwo im Kanton. 

Am Pfingstmontag war es in einer Trattoria in Aarberg. Leider war das Wetter zu kühl, um es sich auf dem mittelalterlichen Parkplatz (Entschuldigung) Marktplatz gemütlich zu machen. Aber der Wintergarten war auch schön.
Martine Barrelet, Monika Lanz, ich, Peter Kummer, Karin Widmer
Monika Lanz, Peter Kummer und ich trafen zuerst ein. Später stiess Martine Barrelet dazu, und zum Kaffee trudelte sogar noch die vielbeschäftigte Karin Widmer ein. Für Gesprächsstoff sorgten diesmal bevorstehende Vernissagen und die Schwierigkeit, manchmal Beruf, Berufung und Haushalt unter einen Hut zu bringen.

Am Freitag machte ich nach der Arbeit eine Stippvisite bei der Buch- und Bildvernissage von Esther Leist in Nidau. 
"Mögen Sie Popcorn?"
91 Jahre alt und so produktiv wie eh und je; da kann man neidisch werden! Esther stellte ihr neustes Werk "Mögen Sie Popcorn?" vor. 
Die Künstlerin und ihr Werk
Danach wurde in der nahen Galerie die Ausstellung von 120 original Bildern aus Büchern, die 2014-2017 entstanden sind, eröffnet. Ist sie nicht unglaublich?


Go West! (Part 6)

Some clever politician found out that it costs less to help a family to emigrate than to provide for them in the poorhouses. They give you the tickets, a small sum to help you over the first few weeks, their blessings and off you go. Most families settle in Brazil and Argentina but some opt for the United States.

Poor Ida. I have a place to go to and a husband waiting for me. Like that it will be easier to grow roots. Ida has a husband, a sick father and two small children. For them it must feel like jumping without knowing where they will land.

They say that in America the gold lies on the streets. I don't believe it. It won't be any different from


What else has happened...

Last week saw me doing research for dabux. 2018 that publisher will bring out my story featuring a blind hero. Arjen will have to defend himself against an aggressive fiend. So I was looking for a sport that might prepare him for and support him in that. 

Goalball seemed the solution. Last Saturday, my visually impaired contact took me to a goalball tournament. And, lo and behold, my expectations were more than met. 

The speed, intensity and, yes, also toughness of the game took my breath away. It was "only" a junior tournament but still some of the passes had had a lot of fire. 

And if you consider that the players never know where the ball, which they have to block with their whole body, will hit – Wow!